Victoria's Lace

Nottingham Lace Gifts by Victoria Cartlidge

Victoria Cartlidge and her trusty band of skilled workers can be found in Robin Hood's own city, Nottingham, using their many years of experience and knowledge of Nottingham Lace, to make perfect gifts and accessories, just for you. Victoria inherits her talents from her mother,who was a needlewoman of great skill, so 'good enough' won't do: excellence is the goal.

Unlike many brands, Victoria Cartlidge is not just a name, but a real woman who listens to and understands her customers needs. Nottingham born and bred, she understands and appreciates the great traditions of the Nottingham Lace industry and brings style, wit and charm to her very special ranges.


Lace Products & Lavender

Victoria loves what she does, and it shows in the care she takes, personally sourcing the finest traditional Nottingham Lace, or the sweetest-smelling English lavender. Teddy Bears hold a special place in Victoria's heart,and are made to be loved by their new friends as delightful gifts at life's big occasions.

And what lingerie drawer or wardrobe would not be so much lovelier with a collection of Victoria's pretty English Lavender bags and sachets?

Personalised & Handmade Gifts - when only the best will do.

Victoria Cartlidge Creations Ltd. 
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Fosse Cottages
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Syerston, Nottinghamshire
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